5 Home Decor Ideas Inspired By Your Favourite Hotels


Let’s admit it. One of the best parts about travelling is the comfort and luxury that one finds in staying in comfortable and luxurious hotel room. Whether it is a 5-Star hotel, an inn or a palace, there are different elements that we always wish we could take with us. So why not recreate this in your own home? Here are 5 ideas inspired by world-class hotels that will make you never want to leave home.


1) Make the bedroom look cozy

Hotel beds are comfy, soft and downright irresistible to get out of. The secret to this is in choosing the right mattress. Avoid beds that sink to the bottom or feel like they are packed with concrete. Invest in nice spring mattresses that offer comfort and posture control. Layer your bed with a mattress, mattress pad, feathery pillows and a comforter with pretty bed linen. Take the time out to regularly iron your sheets. A little bit of effort will pay off when you come back home exhausted and ready to hit the sack.



2) Brighten your day with mood lighting

The best hotel rooms come equipped with lighting to fit every mood.  Invest in a lighting system that you can customize through the use of colours and dimmers to fit the occasion. Place lamps strategically throughout your home and by your bedside.  Pick lampshades that go well with our furniture. If you like to make the décor quirky, pick lamps with traditional designs, use light towers made out of jute or even hand-painted glass bottles filled with fairy lights.



3) Mirror, mirror, on every wall

Most hotels use mirrors to create the illusion of space – a trick that you can use in your home too. Consider installing large mirrors in strategic locations to make your home look bigger. There are plenty of options available from modern mirrors with minimalistic lines to antique pieces that come decorated with bronze and iron. If you are working within a budget, consider buying a simple mirror and painting it yourself, expressing your creative streak. Just make sure you place these mirrors in areas where you can’t accidentally trip over them. We don’t want 7 years of bad luck, do we?



4) Turn your bathroom into a spa  

Is there any better way to de-stress than by taking a long, relaxing bath? Hotels know this well, which is why they invest in building bathrooms that are almost like spas. Do the same in your home as well. If you have the money and space, invest in installing a bath tub or Jacuzzi which you can use to soak your worries away. If space is an issue, go in for modern showers that come with massage functions and different water-pressure settings. You can even add scented candles or potpourri to make your bathroom smell look and smell great. Don’t forget the fluffy towels and slippers that will complete the hotel experience.



5) Create some space for work

Not everyone who visits hotels come to rest. Some of us have work to do and most hotels create spaces that allow people to work undisturbed. Recreate that effect by earmarking a corner of your homes as your personal workroom. But don’t go overboard by filling it with gadgets and gizmos. Keep it simple by opting for a simple wooden desk and throw a pretty table cloth over it. Add a foot-stool and this corner becomes a nice place to sit, read the day’s newspaper and get your work done.



Edited by Nikhil Narayan Sivadas

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