5 Reasons Why Mumbai’s Bandra East Is Turning Into A Property Hotspot

Bandra is a posh and up-market suburb of the West Mumbai.
Bandra is a posh and up-market suburb of the West Mumbai.

While Bandra West is known as one of the most happening suburbs of Mumbai, Bandra East was often considered as its neglected sibling. But now the skyline of Bandra East is changing rapidly. Old buildings are making way for modern residential complexes. This has led to the entry of many big developers in the region including Sunteck, Kalpataru, Kankia Spaces, Ekta World and Rustomjee. 


We list 5 reasons why Bandra East is emerging as the new property hotspot- 


Growth Potential: While Bandra West is completely saturated, Bandra East has a lot of redevelopment potential thanks to the presence of many old buildings in dire need of redevelopment. There are around 1,800 residential units available in the region as against just about 300 in Bandra West.


Lower Prices: The growth of the Bandra East has been phenomenal over the years compared to other micro-markets of Mumbai. The average price at Rs. 29, 568 per sq ft is much lower than Rs. 37, 915 per sq ft in Bandra West. According to experts, the development of Bandra East can help in contributing to the creation of new housing stock within the Mumbai city. 


Proximity to BKC: One major factor that has significantly added to the growth story of Bandra East, is its proximity to Mumbai’s prime business district- Bandra Kurla Complex or the BKC. The rise of BKC as a commercial district is really the main driving force behind the growth of Bandra East as a residential hub.


Good Connectivity: Bandra East scores high when it comes to connectivity. It is only about 30 minutes away from the airport. It is also well-connected to all the major highways which makes the commute to any part of the city quite seamless. The upcoming phases of Metro are also going to give a boost to its connectivity to other parts of the city and suburbs.


Social Infrastructure: This region boasts of decent social infrastructure with good schools and hospitals. It also benefits from the well-developed social infrastructure of Bandra West. Looking at how Bandra East is panning out, it is not too much of a stretch to see the difference between East and West blurring even further. 

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