5 Ways To Add A Touch Of Fall To Your Home

IMAGE CREDIT: istockphoto.com
IMAGE CREDIT: istockphoto.com

The year’s comfiest decor season is here and what better time than this to add a few cozy touches of fall to your house. Mix colours and neutrals like never before, with these 5 handpicked decor ideas. 


1) Go blue
Ditch the boring grey and whites. Go in for brilliant shades this fall season. Opt for peacock blue. Use this vivid colour to dress up your cushions and sofas to brighten up your living room.  

IMAGE CREDIT: istockphoto.com

2) Play with cushions
Change the mood of your living room by getting pretty floor cushions and throw pillows. Place them on bare sofas and diwans to spruce up your furniture. You can even pile them up on your outdoor sit-out for an oriental feel.  

IMAGE CREDIT: istockphoto.com

3) Dabble with neutral colours
Use stylish and lightweight bedding options. Go for a neutral colour palette which helps you make your house look cool even during the warm summer months. Use similar hues for your bed and couch cushions to complete the look. 

IMAGE CREDIT: istockphoto.com

4) Use interesting furniture
Time for you to say bye to classic furniture and say hello to colourful pieces and accessories. Add cozy chairs & couches to your backyard.  Get your furniture in gold olive along with a mix and contrast of neutral colours. Don't worry; you can use them in all seasons. Also, red & gold accents feel fresh and add an elevated dose of shimmer to any room.   

IMAGE CREDIT: istockphoto.com

5) Bold Is Beautiful
Add a pop of red to your home. Red looks amazing. It works for rooms, it works for people. So use bold colours, interesting fabrics and eclectic styles to add a little something special to your home. 

IMAGE CREDIT: istockphoto.com


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