5 Ways to Prep Up Your House This Summer

Eclectic colourful modern living room
Eclectic colourful modern living room

Sure it's April, it's the perfect time to prep up your house and make a few changes indoors and outdoors. We get you stylish ideas to decorate your house this summer with some design inspiration you need for your place. 

These easy tips will surely make your house very trendy and it's already making us excited.


Build up or build under is totally on you and this summer you need to give your house a facelift inside out. Some of our favourites this season include beachy hues. Add vibrant colours with furniture pieces, cushions and rugs to feel fresh and alive. Let the cool coastal colours compliment your house to give it a natural look.


Bring major drama to your home space with the perfect printed wallpaper. The wallpapers can be in graphic patterns or bold colours, either ways it looks great.


You can go for a vintage style by adding a wide range of wooden chairs, cupboards & wooden shelves. Don't be afraid to mix wood finishes in your living space. This would help you make your house simple yet give it a modern appeal. 


The little patterns in furnishings are what gives an outdoor space character. Don't stay away from colours and prints at all. Loosen up a traditional house with mismatched furniture pieces especially is the porch. Enhance the natural beauty of your home with furnishings that are chic yet minimalist. 


Who hasn't ever wanted to stay in a beach house? Try the look at your place this summer and all you need is bright printed chairs, a kitchen hood. You'll definitely be dreaming of days by the shore with whites and off-whites, tropical blues giving the house a serene and pastoral ambience.

Our favourite new interior decor trends are those which the whole family would love to hang out in. Let colour and dynamic patterns bring life to your space. Make a fun and cheerful space of your own using round shapes, pops of colour, and layers of embellishments which will help give your living room, their fun cheerful style.

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