CREDAI Sets Up Community Kitchens To Help Construction Workers Battle Demonetisation Impact

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CREDAI has setup community kitchens nationally, to help construction workers cope with demonetisation.

The Government of India’s recent move on demonetisation is indeed a game-changer and despite the immediate hiccups, it will definitely have positive implications on the sector in the long run. Though it has impacted all of us, construction workers who are daily wage earners and are less-educated about alternate means of transactions such as digital banking are the most affected.

These strata of society can’t afford to even stand in long queues to ATMs for fear of losing out on a day’s wage. Most of them don’t even have a bank account. Understanding the criticality of the situation and the well-being of the workers who are instrumental in the real-estate ecosystem, CREDAI has announced a relief program by collaborating with its developer network all India for providing daily meals to all their workers at their construction sites as well as ensuring that basic amenities such as grains, vegetables and access to banks is also provided on location.

Under this initiative, the CREDAI member community is feeding more than 5000 workers across the country. Spearheaded by Mr. Getamber Anand – President, CREDAI, large scale community kitchens are being run at various construction sites of CREDAI members which are providing daily meals since Wednesday, 9th November and will continue to do so. This momentous task is in line with the long standing CREDAI objective of ensuring the growth and development of all construction workers.

This activity is being conducted nationally with members across Delhi-NCR, Mumbai, Kerala, etc. taking steps to ensure that their workers are able to fulfill their most basic needs. As responsible developers, CREDAI members are striving to do their part to support the ongoing activities aimed at improving the nation’s economy while providing support wherever necessary to facilitate a smoother transition and heralding a cashless more transparent economy.

Talking about the cause, Mr. Getamber Anand – President, CREDAI said, “Construction Workers form the backbone of the real estate and construction sector. In this challenging time, we felt that it is our responsibility to support them as we all are an extended family. The economy is going through game changing policy reforms which will increase transparency, corrode black money, reduce home loan rates and will act as a catalyst in the revival of the entire industry. Through this we at CREDAI are playing our part in supporting our Government by ensuring that our entire workforce doesn't lack the basic need of food and have endeavored to make this possible through the participation of our entire 11500 members across the country. ”

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