Defence Ministry Reduces Restrictions On Building Near Military Installations

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Rising urbanization has forced many cities to grow around defence installations, where construction is restricted.
  1. The defence ministry has relaxed restrictions on construction around military installations.
  2. Construction up to 10 meters away from military installations allowed without need for permissions.
  3. Thousands of home buyers living around defence land, who need to repair or redevelop their homes, will benefit.

MUMBAI: The defence ministry has relaxed its ban on construction around defence installations, reducing the security barrier from 500 meters to just 10 meters. This has come as a major relief for thousands of home buyers in Mumbai’s Kandivali and Malad areas, who live around the Central Ordnance Depot (COD) and have been unable to get permissions to redevelop their homes.

The defence ministry issued an order to this effect on 21st October 2016 and has stated that permission from the Local Military Authority (LMA) will still be needed for construction to happen within 10 meters of a military installation.

Nearly 10,000 people living around the COD have been battling it out for the past 5 years to get their dilapidated buildings repaired or redeveloped. However, in the wake of the Adarsh scam, the defence ministry had put a hold on all redevelopment projects in the area. They had also made it mandatory for permissions to be obtained from the LMA for any construction within a 500-meter radius of the COD. 

The new circular puts an end to this uncertainty and residents living here are already in talks with various real estate developers to begin the process of redevelopment. The circular will come as a major relief to people in cities like Mumbai, Bangalore and Kolkata where increased urbanization has caused cities to grow and compete for land that is often reserved for government use.

Nearly 193 defence establishments across the country are expected to be impacted by the ruling.

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