Delhi RERA To Be Notified By November 27th

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The government is expected to notify Delhi's RERA rules by the 27th of November.
  1. The government is all set to notify the Real Estate Regulatory (RERA) rules by the 27th of November.
  2. Sources tell NDTV that Delhi's RERA rules will closely mirror the Centre's RERA rules.
  3. Homebuyers are hoping that Delhi's RERA will not have builder-friendly features, as those seen in Gujarat and UP's RERA.

DELHI: The endless wait for accountability in real estate in Delhi is all set come to a halt, with the government all set to notify the Real Estate Regulatory (RERA) rules by the 27th of November. ‎These come at a time when both the Uttar Pradesh (UP) and Gujarat state governments have come under fire for diluting their RERA rules, raising allegations of them favouring builders. Which may be why the government in Delhi, is promising stronger legislation.

Sources at the Urban Development Ministry tell NDTV that they have no intention of watering down RERA rules in Delhi and that their version will mirror the central rules that were released on October 31st.  Two key proposals that are to be included are provisions to simplify the procedure to register projects with RERA and crucially, proposals that will see ongoing real estate projects being covered by the rules.

With this, the government will move away from the controversy that erupted when Gujarat decided to keep on-going projects out of RERA, while UP tweaked the definition of 'on-going' projects. Both these moves were termed pro-builder and housing activists in both states have raised objections to this.

“There is a provision in the real estate regulatory act that all ongoing projects which haven't got a completion certificate will have to register themselves with authority. Now different governments are making dilution in these rules. In Gujarat they have said ongoing projects will not be part of RERA. Similar thing they said in UP,” says Col TP Tyagi, founding member of the Fight for RERA group.

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This is why there are a lot of hopes that the Delhi government will take a tougher stance. And there are important reasons why the government here may just be able to pull that off. As research agencies point out, the number of on-going projects in Delhi stands at a bare minimum of 29, so the government will not have to face a lot of pressure if it decides to put out strict RERA rules.

However, developers are still lobbying to have the RERA contain rules that will allow for a more even playing field.

“One of the biggest things I would want states to include is the single window clearance if they can,” says Sahil Kapoor, executive director of RE/MAX India. “If single window clearance comes in and government authorities are also penalised for any delay or fault at their end, I think it will be a master stroke,” he adds.

The Centre’s RERA rules for Union Territories were notified on 31st October 2016, but the state governments were required to notify the rules for application in their respective states by themselves. As various states prepare to meet November 27th deadline for‎ notifying RERA, homebuyers across the country are hoping that states will toe the centre’s line and adopt homebuyer friendly rules.

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