Distressed Amrapali Home Buyers Unite to Take on Builder

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Home Buyers In Distress

New Delhi: Imagine booking a flat 14 months ago and not having an idea on when you'll get it because there are hardly any signs of progress in your project. This is the state of nearly 4000 buyers of the Amrapali Group who are caught in a fix because very little or no work has taken place in their project since the time they have booked their flats.  Amrapali Adarsh Awas Yojna, a low-cost housing scheme meant for the retired government employees was launched in December 2015Till date work on the project is patchy and for few towers even the excavation work is yet to begin.

Home Buyers In Distress

Buyers are in so much distress that one of them traveled almost 1000 kilometers, all the way from Bihar to Amrapali's office in Delhi only to be left even more disappointed.  A worried AK Singh says that he has put his life savings in the Adarsh Awas Yojna and till date has not received any communication from the company about his flat. He also added that no work has started at the site. Along with other desperate buyershe has been chasing Investors Clinic, a brokerage firm, who partnered for the launch along with Amrapali Group, but their efforts have all gone in vain. All of them now fear of losing their entire savings.

Adarsh Awas Yojna was launched with an aim to create 10,000 affordable homes in Greater Noida West in the National Capital Region (NCR). The group promised to deliver the Rs 2,000 Crore project within 36 months. 

Buyers Furious Over Delivery Delay

Buyers are furious and are alleging the builder of fraud.

"Where should we go and whom should we talk to? Nobody is ready to talk. Investors Clinic says pay Rs 4 lakh and shift to a different project. Amrapali says you cannot shift to a different project as we cannot pay to a different developer." says buyer Shivanshu Verma

Another buyer adds that he booked the flat in 2016 and paid the booking amount. Investors Clinic was supposed to give the builder buyer agreement but it was never given.

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Investors Clinic Denies Wrong Doing

Denying any role, Sunny Katyal, Director of Investors Clinic has shifted the blame to the developer. Katyal says we should not be considered as a partner but merely a promoter of the scheme. Everything was fine till last year, big banks were giving loans and Amrapali had all government sanctions. But the problems came up later and Investors Clinic shouldn't be blamed. He also added, as a brokerage firm we are doing everything to make it right for the customers and even providing them with an exit option. 

Amrapali Refutes Charges

Amrapali, on the other hand, has refuted all the chargesThough company's 15 other projects in NCR are also delayed, but it claims that work for many of its projects have kick started and the company is in constant touch with the buyers to apprise them of the current situation. When NDTV spoke to Anil Kumar Sharma, CMD of Amrapali Group, he said that it took a longer time to get the process completed since so many people showed their interest in the scheme, it being a low-cost housing. He also added that many towers are now under construction.

Helpless Buyers To take Legal Recourse?

Buyers meanwhile have no hope left and claim that their calls still remain unanswered by the builder. They are now pinning their hope on the courts.

56 thoughts on “Distressed Amrapali Home Buyers Unite to Take on Builder

  1. Kindly look into the Jaypee Kosmos situation also. It is already delayed by almost 4 years and there is no sign of any progress.Kindly look into it.

  2. Kindly highlight " Madelia " project by Anant Raj Limited in Manesar. It is delayed by more than 4 years and there is no progress. The builder Anant Raj is being evasive and not giving any commitment about delivery of project and has duped buyer of more than  Rs 100 crore.

  3. Please also highlight the plight of buyers of Runwal Greens project in Mulund- Mumbai.Illegal amount demanded by developer on account of Fungible FSI.  Deveoler refusing to issue Sale Agreement till his illegal demand is accepted.  More than 20% accepted prior to issuing Sale Agreement.  Deficiency in services.

  4. The consumers of investors in Mantri WebCity Project in Bangalore are facing a similar plight.  The CEO of the project is busy with getting her daughter married off.  Customers from various walks of life are being ill-treated and not even being answered to.  This is a scam of magananimous proportions.  PNB and Mantri Developers are hand in glove in this horrible scheme. PNB has given 80% upfront money to Mantri Developers and now the developer is not willing to full his promises to the customer.  Very gory and sad situation in Bangalore.  

  5. In NCR there is another builder named : Ramprastha. Ramprastha also taken alomost 80% of project cost from buyers almost 5 yrs back and unable to give project possession till date. I have put my hard earned taxed saving and still waiting for possession in Ramprastha project and Govt should make list of such builders and strick action should be taken against such builders who has taken moeny form buyers and unable to provide possession within committed time frame. 

  6. Ramprastha 37D gurgaon is also an best example 8 years ..still many more years to go.Big ppl enjoying our hard earned money

  7. I also have a flat in Phase V of Amrapali Adarsh Awas Yojna and have been complaining to Investors Clinic regularly but there has been no response from them. Please help me connect with other distressed buyers so that I can also join them in collectively pursuing this case.

  8. Kindly look in to the Jeyam french garden project in PONDICHERRY, the builder has taken all the money + extra money by promising to finish the project and still the project is incomplete from the year 2008,  all the buyers are on the road, no law to take action against the cheating builders, so many petition given to pondicherry CM, still no progress. Waiting fot justice.

  9. Most of Amrapali projects in Noida are getting huge delayed & home byuers dreams were shattered.Supreme court need to investigate their wealth in last 8 years & make them to compensate respective home buyers. 

  10. The comments by your readers are clear indication that developers have been are still are taking the home buyers for a ride. I booked a flat in Jaypee Infratech Udan project and not even a single brick has been cast during the last 4 years. Hope you will raise the voice for us. Thanks

  11. When a builder has defaulted with his earlier projects and has not delivered them since past 7-8 years, how can the Respective Regional authorities clear their new construction projects. It is a nexus of broker, builder and authorities and banks to some extent which required to be checked.

  12. Amrapali Buyers are wrong!!!!They should have learned from Jaypee buyers' mistake who booked as long back as in 2007, and still waiting !!!

  13. First of all i am bit surprise that people who have booked in 2016 are worried and their news was in the front page. HT kindly highlight the pelight of theore buyers from Amrapali who have booked in 2010 and still have no idea when they will get their house. Its Amrapali wheo have many projects in Noida Extention and all the projects present status is it will take 2 years and more top complete. Pl highlight our pilights also.

  14. I booked flat in Amrapali Verona Heights Noida ext in 2012, 60% payment gone, but for last 1 to 2 years , no work there and there is no communication abt it. Pls help.

  15. Hi. Booked in amrapali Verona heights in 2012 and paid 60% amount. No progress in the project since last 1.5 years. Out of 32 floor only 8 are constructed till date. No demand since 1.5 years. Possession was to be given in 4 years. Impossible now. Please highlight this. 

  16. Please look into Amrapali Golf Homes. I have booked in 2010 and 80% payment has been made. Did not know when i will get my flat.

  17. I feel we should wait some more time as there were lot many issues and delays due to Court/farmers and political parties. Let's check the progress for couple of months and if it is not satisfactory then we should go for legal. Legal should be the last resort

  18. Dear All Buyers,It is our fault, because we think "Buying house/flat is an investment tool".  No friends, it must not be.  Home is for living and not for investment purpose.  This is why all builders are befooling us. Many a projects in NCR have not even started.  Take example of AVJ of Greater Noida, where as many as 500 families are residing despite the fact that builder has not even get the towers whitwashed.  Builder had not paid any amount to NPCl for distribution of electricity, due to which electricty supply was stopped by NPCL for four days.  The families in distress united and paid a huge sum to NPCL in installments to restore power supply.  Surpsie NO MEDIA COVER THE PLIGHT OF THE COMMON MAN. 

  19. Hi, theres a way bigger scam happening in the silion City of India, Bangalore & yet the national media is totally unaware or reluctant to cover it. The set of companies behind it are Dreamz Infra Pvt Ltd, Gruh Kalyan & TGS, all managed/promoted by a common person who goes by the name – Sachin Naik. Individual companies have been promoted with his wives as MDs (Disha Chowdhary for Dreamz & Manjeet Kaur for TGS).Almost 2500 customers have realized that they have been taken for a ride (many more waking up now), with average invested amount of 10 lakhs, hence amounting to northwards of 2000 Crore. Customers have written to PMO, CM of Karnataka & many more, yet our plea has falled on deaf ears. Hope this comment would @least prompt NDTV to contact us to hear our side of the story.

  20. The buyers need to form a group and book a case against the builder. excellent precedent has been set by recent judgements in BOMBAY high court. The builders are arrested and in jail.Go ahead and file the case if time has cross the deadline given by builder.  

  21. One of the most corrupt one is Kumar Builders whose Head is eventually CREDAI chairman. Lalit Kumar Jain.He has delayed project and all the advantage of slow down period taken up himself. Even post handing over society he has eaten up maintenance money which is in Crores.So dear owners of hard earned taxed money, Please don't buy any property by Kumar Builder in Pune & spead this message on whatever media you use.

  22. Buyers are distressed as after 14 months of booking the flat, they are not sure about possession of flats. Imagine the plight of Jaypee's Kasa Isle group buyers, even after 84 months of booking and payment of Rs. 50+ lakhs, have no clues when they will get their flats. All efforts to settle the issue with Jaypee group had not yielded any results.  

  23. 14months.. are you kidding.. people have booked with them 7 to 8 yrs before and still to get anything.. I booked a flat in december 2010 at amrapali terrace homes , when my son was to be born… now after 7 yrs 3 months, he will be going class 1 ,i have paid 90% of the total amount and I still dont have that flat…Construction is stopped completely for last 2 yrs… Doesnt look like  we are gonna get it for next 2 to 3 yrs more..

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