Know Your Benefits as a Buyer Under RERA

Sunil Tyagi
Sunil Tyagi

It's been two months since the Real Estate (Regulation & Development) Act, 2016 is in force; here is how the home buyers can benefit. The act not only makes the sector transparent but also gives certain advantages to the buyer. Sunil Tyagi, Senior Partner & Co-founder of ZEUS Law spells out a few important points from the act for the home buyer to understand

  • Information about carpet area: Buyer will get to know the carpet area of the apartment/flat now.


  • No sale without registration: Promoter not to sell apartment/plot/building without the registration of the Project with the Authority.


  • Proper permissions and approvals: Registration will ensure that all permissions & approvals are in place before the launch of the Project.


  • Information about other projects of Promoter: Promoter is required to provide its background details and history of all the past and ongoing projects and legal cases, which would be available on the website of the Authority.


  • Drafts of buyer documents available for review: Promoter is required to submit the Performa of buyer documents before registration of the Project.


  • No one sided Agreement To Sell: The Draft format of ATS has been prescribed under the rules and therefore it is not anymore a one sided agreement.


  • No Diversion of funds by Promoter: Separate bank account to be opened for every Project by the Promoter, and 70% of the amount received against that Project has to be deposited in that account, which can be utilized only for such Project. 


  • Expeditious Recovery: In case the Promoter does not pay compensation or refund, the Authority has the power to collect it as arrears of land revenue.


  • Restriction on the collection of advance payment: Promoter is not allowed to take payment of more than 10 % of the cost of the apartment without entering into an ATS and duly registering it.


  • Consent from the buyers required: Promoter cannot change (i) sanctioned building/layout plans, (ii) specifications and/or (iii) assign its rights/liabilities in the Project, without obtaining the consent of 2/3rd of the buyers in the Project.


  • Defect Liability Period: Promoter is liable for any structural defect or any other defect in workmanship, quality, or provision of services in the Project for a period of 5 years.


  • Similar Rate of Interest: Buyer would be entitled to the same rate of interest as is charged by the Promoter.


  • Periodic Information: Buyer can access, from the website of Authority, quarterly updates regarding the Project.

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