Get Your House Diwali Ready With 7 Simple Steps

This Diwali spruce up your house using these cheap and DIY tips. IMAGE CREDIT:
This Diwali spruce up your house using these cheap and DIY tips. IMAGE CREDIT:

Balconies lit up with diyas, rangolis adorning the doorstep, a dining table filled with ladoos and the chatter of the cousins from the living room, who doesn’t love Diwali?  It is also the time to clear the cobwebs from the ceiling, throw out unnecessary clutter and do up your house in a fun and festive way. We list 7 simple ways you can make your home your neighbour’s envy this festive season.

1) Fill your house with diyas


Light a diya in every corner, every step, every balcony and every slab, because after all, it is the festival of lights. Forget conventional lamps and try experimenting by making them at home. You can make one using paper or a foam sheet, add a few rhinestones, golden-silver beads, and a tea-light candle and make it float in a trough of roses.

2) Make your own lanterns


Lose the store-bought holders. Use old sauce, jam or pickle jars and spray paint them in glittery gold paint, put a candle or LED light in the jar and you have beautiful morocco lighting ready. You could hang them in paper lanterns and they will throw lovely reflections on the tiles and wall-mirrors. Experiment with different materials including a stack of bangles glued together, piles of dried flower petals, orange peels or cinnamon sticks to make your own holders

3) Repaint and accessorize your home


Repaint your home with the brightest colours and dare to experiment with patterns and wall-designs. Hang a fun painting, throw in some bright coloured cushions, and replace the centre-table with a water trough of lilies, a bowl of floating diyas or a collection of vintage wooden boxes filled with potpourri. There is a lot you can do and your home will look prettier and brighter in no time.

4) Make a permanent and portable rangoli


Welcoming your loved ones with a beautiful Rangoli at the entrance is part and parcel ofDiwali. But it is always painful to see all that hard work go to waste when people walk over it. So why not make a permanent one instead? Take your stencils out and paint beautiful Rangoli designs on cardboard or glass and use that instead. You could even do embroidery on a plain brown rug making easy, portable and personal Rangoli designs that will last for many Diwalis to come.

5) Turn old sarees into drapes


Throw away those drab monocolour curtains and sofa sets. Dig into your or your grandmother’s closet for Georgette, Zari or China Silk Sarees which can be turned into drapes or used to upholster your furniture. Experiment by sewing on rhinestones, sparkles, beads, bells. And if your grandma is not too happy with you repurposing her things, you can even dye cloth in bright festive colours, embellish them and use them as beautiful, sparkly drapes to adorn your windows and doorways.

6) Use torans to add a festive touch


Door garlands also known as Torans are a popular decoration in India and are normally hung over the doorway to signify festivities. These are typically made with mango or coconut leaves and you can do the same or take the unconventional route. Make your own with colour paper, plastic spoons or flowers made of fish-wire. You can add a few bells or even wind chimes to turn your evening in the portico into a colourful and pleasant affair.

7) Keep it simple with flowers


You cannot go wrong with flowers.  Make garlands out of various types of flowers and add fairy lights to these garlands for an added effect. Use these to decorate stair railings, arches, pillars and at the entrance to your home. If you have a garden with trees, deck them up with string lights to create your own garden chandeliers. Attach wind chimes to the branches to fill your day with music.


Edited by Nikhil Narayan Sivadas

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