Gurgaon: Southern Peripheral Road Back on Track

Residents happy since the work on Southern Peripheral Road is back on track
Residents happy since the work on Southern Peripheral Road is back on track

For the residents of sector 70 in Gurgaon commuting between their home and workplace has been nothing short of a nightmare. When 45 year old Vikash Ranjan, a resident of Tulip Orange, came to live here four years ago, commuting was a struggle, as there was no proper road though, he had all the comforts of living in an upscale Gurgaon society.

But now many residents along with Vikash have reasons to cheer. The Haryana Urban Development Authority (HUDA) has managed to rehabilitate the 14 project affected families, because of whom work on thcrucial Southern Peripheral Road was at a standstill.

"Yes we are definitely happy. We had to wait for almost three years for the work to start. Work has now started. It is a bit slow. We request the authorities to expedite the work," Ranjan said

Though the work has begun, HUDA still has to remove the Ambedkar statue that is located right in the middle of the road at Vatika Chowk, a busy crossing on the SPR. 

"Work has already begun on SPR. We have removed the structures in Rambir ki Dhani and work is on. Second issue is shifting the Ambedkar statue at Vatika Chowk. We has already identified the alternate location for this. We are preparing the foundation to relocate the statue. We will do this by June. After that you can look forward to a smooth ride on SPR," Yashpal Yadav, Administrator, HUDA said.

The 16km-long SPR was held up since 2010, over rehabilitation of 14 families at a hamlet called Rambir Ki Dhani. This resulted in stalemate over construction of just 500m stretch causing inconvenience.

At least 20 housing projects from reputed developers have come up along this road and about 5000 families have already moved in.

Once ready the road will resolve the connectivity problems for people residing in the new sectors of 58-80. This will also ensure seamless connectivity from the Gurgaon-Faridabad road to NH-8.

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