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  3. Anon- no I didn't say that you made the foolish statement above.An odd thing that I have observed among my more conservative Christian brethren is that very few advocate for policies that support children (well at least poor and working folks children)I'm out

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  5. Blah, blah, blah. It's all just talk now. We've won. Nobody will ever be in any position to do anything about this. We've marginalized you and we now control enough of the congress, the courts, the military, and the media to make sure nothing will ever get done about it. You can explain all you want – I don't disagree with any of your conclusions, but you should know that you're wasting your time. Calamity Jane.

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  9. Only an asshole thinks that Pres. Obama is both the cure all and/or the cause of all that befails this country. We have a history past and present of hating anyone that is different or smarter. The reasons why don't matter. It just is. No one person can repair the insanity that spreads like cancer among those that just don't give a damn. People will believe what they want no matter how many of these beliefs are disproven. You can't force anyone to deny what they believe is true in between their ears…

  10. Txema, completamente de acuerdo contigo. De hecho es lo que he querido decir: como no pagan porque evaden, pues si hacen uso de lo que pagamos todos, que paguen….Luego ya pediremos que paguen de facto y como todos en función de lo que ingresan… Pero creo que hay que pedir las cosas poco a poco, porque si no, se nos saturan estos gobernantes ineptos que tenemos.Saludos!

  11. >>it would still be nice to see a black female protagonist with a wide nose, or an Asian female protagonist with small lips and almond eyes<<I don't disagree about the need for variation and I don't disagree that all of these women appeal to Western beauty standards to varying degrees. Not at all.But looking at women of color who have features like those and yelling THEY LOOK WHITE! i.e. not [whatever ethnicity] ENOUGH is a form of erasure and I think that should be kept in mind.

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  19. Sou advogado residente em Belém no Pará, contudo milito bastante em São Paulo e Brasilia, o Sebo do Messias foi e contuna sendo indispensável na formação de minha biblioteca, a eficiência demonstra sua seriedade…mais uma vez parabéns!!!

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  21. Sois assim tão heróis e nunca vos vejo vir à Cidade Berço sem ser rodeados de polícia! Nunca vejo um cachecól ou uma camisola vossa passar ao nosso lado pelas ruas! Então heróis? Como é?Esperemos ver esta treta toda na segunda volta…Cidade de MERDA, clube de MERDA, com adeptos de MERDA = coimbra 😀

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  24. Toms River repair bill: $35 millionTOMS RIVER — The township might have lost 20 percent of it property tax base when superstorm Sandy tore through its beachfront resort enclaves, and a $35-million bond issue approved by the Township Council on Friday is just a first step toward repairs, Mayor Thomas F. Kelaher said.

  25. why do the judges take so much time to make decisions, is that so that possibly infomation can be altered or time limits can be denied, oopsies, your right to file any appeal will cost you and you have no time left! hope the judges keep getting charged and then they turn all the crud in!

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  28. Thanks for posting your adventure, Fuzzy – you’ve given me inspiration to try one as well. I’ve only done an 8 hour Rally so far, but am thinking of trying the Minuteman next spring. I’d love to read a review of your trusty steed … I’ve got my eye on either Triumph or BMW when I’m ready to replace my Suzuki SV650s.

  29. #26 If I had to guess, probabaly a NY’er who bought it figuring how busy could it be after living in the city. Trouble is they have no understanding of Bergen Co traffic until they live there and see for themselves. If you are coming from one of the boros besides Manhattan there are alot of relatively quiet streets there. Surburban traffic is a whole new game.

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  32. I don’t know you, but I am not stupid. If you read more of this blog you will see that the FDA is also concerned about ALS trial paramenters. If you insist on insulting me with your comments, keep your comments to yourself.

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  35. Agree that the old RTR looks much better than the new one.. dont like d sound of the new one either..sounds like a wimp.. i hve the 2010 rtr n it roars like a lion.. i like it.. TVS looks like didnt had time to do a proper RND before launching the new one… its market gonna crash with the new models now dat NS in on d road…. n Plz Tvs put MRF tyres .. TVS TYRES are waste..The old rtr rules…

  36. the monkey to the fish…putting him safely up a tree.This is a paraphrased quote from my buddy, the late Alan Watts that comes to mind far too often nowadays.I have thought about taking a stab (figuratively speaking) at world domination, but even in my own mind, knowing my sincere, humble and self sacrificing intentions…even truly "feeling" the reality of these intentions, I cannot envision anything even approaching a perfect world.

  37. Oh, this is delightful! Makes me think of Whitman’s lines (which I love, love, love): “Do I contradict myself? Very well then, I contradict myself. I am large. I contain multitudes.”We’re all ever-so-internally large! Hurrah! And aren’t you so — brave AND delightful — to tell on yourself. I’m grinning from ear to ear, you make me smile!!.-= Square-Peg Karen´s last blog .. =-.

  38. Es que me parece de un oscuro de un siniestro, de un antiguo…Rafa, lo has clavado con lo de “torquemada”…Fuera ya hombre de intervencionismo( esa palabra tan de moda en tiempos de OPA (voy a hacé un corral))por parte de la iglesia en la vida pública, en su paz, en su fraternidad social…Al carajo, afirmo.

  39. Drew,I’m going hunting with my deacons this morning, and then I’ve got to take a little road trip but I will respond later this evening to you comment about the law of God written in our hearts and how that pertains to righteousness. Also, at some point I would like to reengage about this whole Sabbath question. I have to hand it to you reformed guys, y’all sure make a man have to think. Anyhow have a great day and I will look forward to visiting later.

  40. "That was the JC subeditor's headline, not the author's"That was a malicious, mocking and insulting headline. She should tell him off and go post elsewhere. Or she should write back to mention the reactions here to his visceral tribalism. A journal I won't read again.

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  45. disse:Minha opinião sobre a trilogia Penumbra:Overture: Bem legal! Dá uns sustos, mas nem tanto, já que tu tem "armas" (pedras, tijolos, pedaço de pau…) pra se defender!Black Plague: o MELHOR dos 3! Não há mais como se defender! Só fugir! T_TRequiem: o mais fraco dos 3, em relação a horror! Ficou mais filosófico e tal… Mesmo assim, recomendo a trilogia! o/

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  47. As much as I don’t like his preaching style, this guy is dead on. Even if we do it subconsciously, we still do it. We act like God wants you to have a big house and a nice car and beautiful perfect kids. I see this a lot in contemporary churches-’we are the blessed ones and we are special and Gods keeps us livin the good life’ – such garbage. God loves you, but God is not about you, you are about God. We are? here to glorify him-not to just behave well so daddy will gives us lots of shiny things.

  48. Mental health screenings become part of health routineUtica Observer DispatchBy AMY NEFF ROTH Two local agencies are working to make childhood mental health screenings as commonplace as hearing tests, eye exams and checks for developmental milestones. “There’s no reason it shouldn’t be,” said Gordon Dunham, associate vice … Was this answer helpful?

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  59. Girl that does sound frustrating!…and that's exactly how I feel. I believe you're right though. I'm going to have to go with a permanent color or a great semi-permanent. I did African Pride Semi-Permanent Hi-Lites the last time and they took to my hair like a permanent color! I'll figure something out. Thanks for your advice & the copper sounds like a beautiful color! ;-)@AlongCameStacey I may try a "hardcore" semi-permanent color. Thanks for the advice on the hair extensions!

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  64. This looks really cool! Reminds me a lot of Big Thunder Mountain Railroad though, and its really sad that they are going to take away Snow White's Scary Adventures. I think people will be upset about that more than excited about the new coaster, but I'm fine with it. This coaster better be amazing!

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  71. they are straight back when facing forward, which is not as comfy, especially if Rooney falls asleep in the car. She has them to fit 3 across in the backseat and its perfect for that, though!

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