Homebuyers File Criminal Complaint Against RNA Corp For Project Delays

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Homebuyers have filed a complaint against RNA Corp alleging criminal breach of trust.

MUMBAI: Several homebuyers have filed a criminal complaint against Mumbai-based developer RNA Corp alleging cheating and criminal breach of trust. 96 families who had invested in the company’s RNA address project in Santacruz East are part of this complaint.

RNA Address was launched in 2010 and delivery was promised in 2014. However, buyers claim that construction on the project has stopped and that there is no clear timeline on when they will get delivery of their dream homes. The complaint states that the various investors have paid up 20% to 60% of the total cost of the apartment and since the allottees made the last installment payment in March 2013, there has been no work carried out at the project site.

“In 2013, construction on the project stopped and by then most of us had made 60% of the total payment. Since then we have been following up with the builder but there is very little communication about what is happening,” claims Srinivas Sadaipali, a buyer in the project.

The complaint also alleged that the project was initially planned to consist of 15 storeys, but this was reduced to 13 storeys by the builder due amendments in the Development Control Regulations (DCR).  The project also includes a redevelopment component, where the company has promised to take care of the rentals of the original home owners of the plot, while their new homes are being constructed. But here too, there are allegations that the company has broken its word.

“There is no work going on and we are like refugees on our own land. We can do nothing about it,” says a bitter Robert D’Souza, whose building was demolished for redevelopment by the developer.

“We were told that the project will be completed in 3-4 years but now it’s been 8 years, and there is no sign of completion. Earlier we used to get rent on time, but now there is a problem in that also,” claims another homeowner who did not want to be named.

The complaint claims that the builder had blamed the delay on the lack of timely approvals from the local authorities. However, on enquiries being made with the Maharashtra Housing and Area Development Authority (MHADA) and the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM), they discovered that it was because the builder had failed to make certain payments with respect to the pending approvals.

Many of the homebuyers have also filed cases against RNA Corp with the National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission (NCDRC).


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3 thoughts on “Homebuyers File Criminal Complaint Against RNA Corp For Project Delays

  1. RNA Corp seems to be wilful cheating company. Similar to this story is of RNA Viva project in Mira Road, Thane, Maharashtra. A large number of families waiting for their flats in RNA and investors are clueless. The worst is that people who have taken loan from bank and paying heavy amount as Pre-EMI per month and are living in rented house.

  2. "Many of the homebuyers have also filed cases against RNA Corp with the National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission (NCDRC)"Any progress on this criminal case? Is the builder showng any will to complete the pending work so as to handover the flats to buyers?