Mazgaon-An Emerging Property Hub

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5 reasons why Mazgaon is on the radar

Mumbai: Mazgaon in Mumbai can be often termed as the poor sibling of South Mumbai. Rich in culture and heritage this suburb has been often neglected.Narrow roads, high density and lack of proper infrastructure have always plagued this micro-market.But now things are changing for this micro-market.  

Over the year,  Mazgaon has managed to clinch the attention of many home buyers as well as developers. We tell you 5 reasons why Mazgaon is on the radar.

1. Strategic Location: Mazgaon is strategically located. Not only does it enjoy the splendid bay view but also is very close to the upscale South Mumbai. This means people living here can easily benefit from the excellent infrastructure of South Mumbai.

2. Development of Port Land: The government's ambitious plan of rejuvenating port trust land will have a domino effect. This will open up land for commercial as well as residential development.

3. Connectivity to Mumbai: Thanks to the Eastern Freeway, Mazgaon is well connected to entire Mumbai city. One can reach Mazegaon from any part of the city without any hassle.

4. Closer to Navi Mumbai: The upcoming Transharbour link will connect Mazgaon to the proposed Navi Mumbai Intentional Airport and to the rest of Navi Mumbai. This is significant as that area is already developing as the next big business district of Mumbai.

5.Affordable Prices: For home buyers who are aspiring to have their homes in Southern part of the city, but have budget constraints, Mazegaon comes as a good option. Compared to other parts of South Mumbai, prices in Mazegaon have not seen much of a price appreciation. Average property price in Mazgaon is at Rs. 17, 0000 per sq ft.


4 thoughts on “Mazgaon-An Emerging Property Hub

  1. 17 Lakh/Sq ft  ???? what the hell. does Money / Rs. has any value these days… and how much people are making per month to say 17L is affordable ? either i am making peanuts in terms of money or other people are getting paid way too much. Cant fathom this pricing, so for a 500 sqft flat it will cost 8.5 Cr. if my math is right so how is this affordable to any average person making a sincere and honest living. someone please explain ……

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