NDTV-Citizen Impact: Gurgaon’s Monsoon Flooding Plugged

The Property Show has been giving citizens across urban India a platform to voice their grievances about the state of their neighborhoods and their cities. One such effort took us to Gurgaon’s DLF Phase I, a posh residential colony that every monsoon sinks under a toxic pool of sewage mixed with rainwater run-off. Despite persistent demands from residents, the colonizer and the Municipal Corporation of Gurgaon kept dragging their feet on fixing the colony’s drainage problem.

DLF Phase I was colonized over 30 years ago and yet something as basic was a rainwater outlet was absent. As a result, every time it rains continuously for a couple of hours, the colony is flooded waist-deep in rainwater. The run-off would drain into the sewage pipeline and the filth would inundate the entire colony. Basements and ground floors of homes would be swamped in dirty water destroying property and valuables. Even more distressing is when you hear these residents recount incidents of diseases, injuries due to slipping on water, electrocution and the aged unable to visit hospitals every monsoon in Gurgaon.

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Last monsoon, NDTV joined residents of DLF Phase I to send out a message to the authorities and the colonizer that it was time for action or consequences. We rallied together with residents and RWA representatives to discuss their concerns that were featured in our ‘Citizens’ Voice’ initiative on ‘The Property Show’. And months later, our efforts have borne fruit! The colonizer has installed a pumping station in the colony to resolve its perennial problem of monsoon-flooding.

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Today, home owners are going by the philosophy of – don’t wait for things to happen, make them happen! Such successful citizen campaigns should inspire others to claim their rightful services from those who are liable to deliver them under Urban Development and Regulation rules of every state. So if you and your neighbors are struggling with a governance or civic issue, write to us at property@ndtv.com and share your story.

Vasudha Sharma, Anchor & Correspondent- NDTV


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