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Mumbai, The Dying Financial Capital of India
Today was a usual rainy day in Mumbai, but what was unusual about it, was the never ending traffic in non-traffic hours. To reach from one place to another in Mumbai city it takes forever and a lot inconvenience. I had to cancel 4 different appointments today owing to this, imagine the kind of work loss and luckily they were all business meetings and property previ... Read More
Real Estate Bill: 5 Big Points Of Protection For Home-Owners
The Real Estate Bill, which aims at protecting home buyers’ interest, moved closer to becoming law after it was cleared in the Rajya Sabha on Thursday. The bill, designed to bring transparency and accountability to the realty sector, is expected to revive investor and buyer confidence. Here are five ways how the bill will protect home buyers: 1) All residentia... Read More
All About TDS Or Tax Deduction At Source On Property
Real estate is one of the few sectors which hogs the maximum limelight and has gone through a series of regulatory changes. The rationale has been to bring transparency and to ensure the buyers and sellers get a fair deal. While a lot has been done to increase the tax base and efforts has been put in to increase the number of buyers and sellers in the tax net since... Read More
Explained: All The Different Property Purchase Plans On Offer
Developers are offering a variety of payment schemes to attract buyers during the current period when home sales have been slack. It is imperative that based on their individual income bands and liquidity positions (both present and future) they understand what each payment plan entails. The attraction of delayed payments, no EMIs, etc. has to be viewed in conjunct... Read More
Can Homes In India’s Big Cities Ever Become Affordable?
As all metro cities continue to expand in India, the cost of housing in their matured and well-developed areas also continues to go north. According to the Reserve Bank of India’s (RBI)definition, ticket sizes up to INR 65 lakhs in metros and up to INR 50 lakhs in non-metros are categorised as ‘affordable housing’. It, therefore, comes a... Read More
Yes, There Is A Solution To Mumbai’s Pothole Menace
Santa Cruz to Delhi : 1 hr 45 min Santa Cruz to Borivali : 2 hrs The above may raise eyeballs for many but for a Mumbaikar commuting on this 16 km stretch on the 8-lane Mumbai-Delhi National Highway, the above is now an everyday story. Traffic is a global problem but in terms of quality of roads, Mumbai has probably lost the right to be call... Read More
Then And Now: How Indian Real Estate Has Changed Over The Years
The Indian residential real estate market has been going through a churning process for past few years and as mentioned in our age old mythological scriptures, such an amrit-manthan did bring out the nectar! The world is changing real fast and the technological advancements have brought about monumental changes in the way we conduct business that are show... Read More