Residents Rent Roads To Enter Their Homes In Gurgaon Sectors

Residents Rent Roads To Enter Their Homes In Gurgaon Sectors
Residents Rent Roads To Enter Their Homes In Gurgaon Sectors

Hub of multinationals and IT companies in the NCR, Gurgaon failed to break in to the 'Smart City Club' even in the second attempt. Haphazard development, traffic snarls, inadequate civic amenities and poor management are the bane of this 'millennium city'. All of which has forced residents here to take their fight against the authorities to the streets.

Residents Suffer Under HUDA Neglect

Over 600 families live in the CHD Avenue 71 project in Gurgaon and ever since they moved in here in 2013, they have not had a proper road that allowed them to enter their home. The sector road connecting Subhash Chowk to their project Sector 71 was supposed to have been completed 3 years ago but only 150 meters has been constructed so far. Despite repeated reminders, Haryana Urban Development Authority hasn't shown any vigour in completing the road. Residents claim that the development agency has collected nearly 40 crore rupees as External Development Charges (EDC) but nothing has been used for the development of the sector.

With the government refusing to help, these residents have been forced to look for alternative routes to enter their homes, like the neighbouring service road which allows access through the back of the project. But even this comes at a high cost with residents collectively paying Rs 25,000 to Rs 30,000 per month for the right to use this. “Due to the absence of the sector road, we have to shell out rupees 25,000 every month. What if the landlord doesn’t allow us to use the land or what if he demands more money in coming days? We are worried and are in a bad situation.” says Ravindra Singh, Vice President of the Avenue 71 Resident Welfare Association (RWA).

“Not A Priority.” Says HUDA

Speaking to NDTV, HUDA Administrator Yashpal Yadav pointed out that state's development authority is concentrating more on densely populated sectors of Gurgaon and sparsely populated areas are not on their priority right now. This surprising and apathetic response has left residents shocked who have to struggle everyday to enter their housing societies.

According to a report, HUDA had issued 1,546 licenses to builders during 1981-2015 and collected over 12,000 crore rupees in EDC. But there is no sign that this staggering amount has been used to develop infrastructure in the region.

Broken Promises, Broken City

HUDA has been in the spotlight for not developing the region as promised in its Master-plan 2031. Complaints against missing amenities are on the rise but looks like authority has bitten more than it can chew. Navin Raheja of Raheja Developers claim that there have been several meetings with HUDA’s top brass in the last 10 years but nothing has moved on the ground. “It was way back when the new master plan came into action, the licenses were given by the government and we took the licenses on a commitment of the government that they will be able to make the infrastructure in 3 to 4 years’ time at the most. As developers, we have been fighting and requesting the government since 9-10 years and after several representations nothing has moved on the ground” said Navin Raheja, CMD, Raheja Developers.

Gurgaon’s real estate market is already struggling and inadequate infrastructure is just making the matters worse. It is high time the cash strapped HUDA comes out with concrete plans to solve buyers’ issues and provide the basic infrastructure for which these residents have paid for.


Edited by Neetika Bajaj


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