Super Area, Built-Up Area Or Carpet Area- What Do You Really Pay For?

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If you follow real estate closely, terms like carpet area, super area wouldn’t need introduction. But if you have entered the scene late, this video will help you understand and distinguish between the three most frequently quoted terms when go out to buy a home.

Carpet Area:First up is carpet area, carpet area is the area enclosed within in the walls. It is the actual area to lay the carpet. This area does not include the thickness of the inner walls. This is really all the area that use in your apartment but this is not the only area that you pay for.

Built-Up Area:Another term that is used but not as much is the built up area- the built up area is nothing but the carpet area plus the thickness of outer walls and the balcony of your apartment. You don’t pay for it either.

Super Built Up Area:Now, come to what you really pay for, it’s the Super Built Up Area- it was and continues to be the cause of great dismay to the buyers– this area is nothing but the built up area plus proportionate area of common areas such as the lobby, lift shaft, stairs, etc. It may also include area of swimming pool, garden, clubhouse, etc. This and not the carpet area is what the buyer is charged. However, the recently passed real estate bill has made it compulsory to declare and sell on the carpet area only.

You know what’s really brow raising- in some cases the common area to carpet area ratio is as high as 100% in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai regions. This means a saleable area or the super built up area of 1500 sft apartment has a carpet area of 750 sft only. This essentially means that you pay for double the space than you get to live in.

The situation is quite bad in other major real estate hubs also. While carpet area offered by developers is one of the highest in Bengaluruwith just 26% of the projects in the IT capital offering carpet area less than 60% of the saleable area, thisfigure is a whopping 62% in Delhi-NCR. Even Pune fares better than Delhi-NCR with about 38% of the housingprojects offering carpet area less than 60% of the saleable area.

Region Carpet Area < 60%
Bangalore 26%
Pune 38%
Delhi-NCR 62%

Source: SquareYards

All this, however, is soon going to change with RERA making it mandatory to disclose and sell only on carpet area. But we will have to wait till our states adopt and implement the law in their territories.

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