Top Property Projects Under Budget Of Rs 1 Crore In Gurgaon



Here are The Property Show's recommendations

  • The recommended location is Gurgaon.
  • This is a mid-segment market with a weighted average price of Rs 4,750 per sq ft.
  • There are 680 apartments in the area.
  • This market offers annualized returns of 6.3%.

Recommended Project 1

Project Name Park View Ananda
Developer Name Bestech Group
Location Sector 81
Price (Rs/ sq ft) 5,200-5,400  
Total Units 720 (Across Phases)
Unit Size 3BHK: 1,810 sq ft
Completion Date 2015
Availability Resale Market

The project is spread over 12 acres and has 8 towers with Ground+14 floors. It is located on the main sector road constructed by Bestech. The project is around 500 meters away from the main NH-08. Home loans are available from all leading banks and NBFCs.


Recommended Project 2

Project Name Gurgaon 21
Developer Name Vatika Ltd
Location Sector 83
Price (Rs/ sq ft) 4,900-5,100 (All Inclusive)
Total Units 964
Unit Size 3BHK: 1,981 sq ft
Completion Date 2016
Availability Resale Market

The project is spread over 19.4 acres and has 12 towers with Ground+10 and Ground+18 floors. It is located on an internal road which is in close proximity to Dwarka Expressway. Home loans are available from HDFC Bank, Axis Bank and ICICI Bank among others.


Recommended Project 3

Project Name New Town Heights
Developer Name DLF Ltd
Location Sector 86
Price (Rs/ sq ft) 4,500-4,900 (All Inclusive)
Total Units 1,000
Unit Size 3BHK: 1,888 sq ft
Completion Date 2014
Availability Resale Market

The project is spread over 23 acres and has 13 towers of Ground+22 floors. It is 4.5 kilometers from NH-08 and has a good connectivity to NH-08 through New Sector Road. Home loans are available from HDFC, ICICI Bank, Citibank and LIC Housing Finance among others.


Price Trends

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