Universal Aura Home Buyers Protest Against Delays

Universal Aura Home Buyers Protest
Universal Aura Home Buyers Protest

It's not every day that you decide to buy a flat, but imagine having to stay in a rented house because of the non-delivery of the flat which you have paid 80% amount for, not having a clue as to when you will get possession. This is the predicament faced by residents of Universal Buildwell who are fed up with construction delays and came onto the streets in protest against the developer. Launched in 2010, the developer had promised to complete the Universal Aura project by 2014. The delay in possession has totally disturbed the buyers who allege that the work at the site had stopped around two years ago.

Universal Aura Buyers in Distress

The structure of few flats has been put in there at the project location and for the last 3 years, no work is being done though almost all the homebuyers have paid around 80-85% of the house cost, says a distressed homebuyer, Mr Anil Pathak.

Another buyer, Mr Pratyush Pranjal added that the builder has not only delayed the project but also not paid the licence fee to the government due to which the licence has not been renewed, a mandatory aspect for getting the construction work done.

What's worse, the company has not given any fresh deadlines to when the construction might be complete. The website of the project has pictures last updated in 2015 and all the homebuyers now fear losing their life savings.

The developer, on the other hand, does not even respond to emails or phone calls made by the buyers. Even NDTV's SMS and phone calls remained unanswered. 

Is Legal Recourse the Only Way Out?

Legal expert Sunil Tyagi says that it is time for the buyers to take the legal route.

He added by suggesting few legal remedies which the buyers can take into consideration-

  1. They can approach the state commission and the national commission for consumer redressal where they can seek delayed possession, as well as ask for certain directions for completion of the project.
  2. They can also approach DTCP which has granted the developer licence to build this project, and in case of violation of licence conditions they can ask DTCP to take action, like it seems over here some kind of siphoning of funds has happened because of which the project is incomplete.

The expert added, that in case there's any misappropriation of funds, buyers can seek criminal action, file a complaint with Gurgaon police authorities to take action. 

Buyers can also pool in balance money to take on the project by approaching the high court.

Hopes From Real Estate Regulator Fade Away

Thousands of innocent buyers who have invested their entire life savings in this project remain helpless and are now pinning their hopes on the real estate regulator for a redressal but with no signs of a regulator being appointed in Haryana, their hopes seem to be falling apart.


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8 thoughts on “Universal Aura Home Buyers Protest Against Delays

  1. Work has stopped in" Madelia " project of Anant Raj Limited for the past 3 years leaving hundreds of investors in the lurch with their life savings having been siphoned off by the unscruplous builder. Project was supposed to be completed in 2013. The builder Anant Raj has collected 85% of the cost of  the flat amounting to more than Rs 500 crores from the innocent buyers who arre running from pillar to post to recover their life savings from the scamsters.

  2. It is exactly the same situtaion for hundreds of buyers of skyline aura property in Bangalore. NDTV can you please cover skyline scams project via your Bangalore correspondent Maya Sharma. Please NDTV, i dont have words or sentences to express my siitutaion, can you please be a voice for me and hundreds for skyline buyers.  

  3. I request NDTV and its team to cover Nirmal Lifestyle US Open mulund project which has delayed for the last 2 years . Innocent buyers are cheated and yet the builder has not yet submitted the revised plans and the correct handing over dates. A very sincere and a humble request to please cover against this unscruplous builder Nirmal Lifestyle . 

    1. Please also cover Indiabulls Greens Panvel project started in 2009 and still no possesion and all promises on club moss, school, mall etc etc broken.

  4. Parsvnath Elite Floors project in Dharuhera has taken more than 7 years and is still not delivered. Their license has expired as well.It is intriguing that BJP govt. in Haryana has not implemented RERA passed by BJP govt. at Centre. Venkaih ji, Please take note of inaction in Haryana for this critical inititive (RERA) of Centre by Modi ji. 

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  6. I have booked Jaypee's Naturvue Apartment in Gautam Budh Nagar on Yamuna Expressway. It was booked in 2013 and i have already paid almost 50% of the total value of the apartment. Ironically they havent started the construcation work as yet.We should warn other buyers not to purchase their units as they are running in big losses. I have written to their customer care team so many times, but no response or any update received so far. It was my hard earned money which i invested in this project and we are stuck now. This should be covered and publized by Media as well so that no other consumer comes in their trap.